Best Knowledge about 12 Types of Computer Network.

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For getting knowledge about types of computer network, we should first consider about Computer network. A computer network is a collection of interconnected devices known as network nodes that exchange information, data, and resources.

Types of Computer Network
Types of Computer Network

Devices that connect to a network might be as basic as laptops or smartphones, depending on the sort of network. Larger networks build the underlying network infrastructure using hardware like routers and switches.

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Types of Computer Network

Every network is different. If we talk about Types of Computer Network, there are several network kinds, each of which is there to support the system’s devices, size, and location. Networks also have multiple types of connectivity and network access levels.

There are various types of computer network and types of network, each designed to serve specific purposes and cater to different needs. Here we are provide Twelve types of Computer Network, together with their uses, list are below:-

1). Local Area Networks (LANs):

Local Area Networks
Local Area Networks (LANs)

Local Area Networks (LANs) are used to link devices together in a specific physical location, such as a campus or a single building. To share resources like files and printers, they are frequently used in households, workplaces, and educational institutions.

2). Wide Area Network (WAN):

WANs link geographically scattered LANs together across a greater geographic region. The biggest example of a WAN is the internet itself. WANs frequently make use of leased lines or satellite connections as examples of public or private telecommunications connectivity.

Wide Area Network
Wide Area Network (WAN)

3). Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs):

MANs are created to provide connection between several LANs located within a region, such as a city or a sizable university. They are frequently employed by businesses with several branches in a city.

4). Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN or Wi-Fi):

WLANs (also known as Wi-Fi) employ wireless communication technology to link devices together in a constrained space, frequently within the coverage of a wireless access point. Wi-Fi networks are often utilized in residences, workplaces, and public locations including cafés and airports.

Wireless Local Area Network
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN or Wi-Fi)

5). Personal Area Networks (PANs):

PANs are made for personal devices and generally have a few-meter range. Examples include pairing a Bluetooth device with a wireless headphone or a wireless mouse on a laptop.

6). Virtual Private Network (VPN):

VPNs provide safe connections over open networks like the internet by using encryption and tunneling technologies. They are frequently employed in order to provide secure communication channels for remote access to business networks or to preserve surfing privacy and security.

7). Client-Server Network:

Several clients (computers or other devices) interact with centralized servers that offer services, data, or resources in a client-server network architecture. Both in business settings and online, this is typical.

8). Peer-to-Peer Network (P2P):

Without the need of a central server, devices interact with one another on an equal basis in a P2P network. As with tor renting and other chat apps, P2P networks are frequently used for direct file sharing between devices.

9). Cloud-Server Network:

Cloud Server Network
Computer types of Network

Cloud networks utilize cloud infrastructure and services, allowing for the hosting of data and applications on remote servers and internet connectivity. Scalable and adaptable computing resources are made possible by this.

10). Industrial Control System (ICS) Networks:

In industrial settings, these networks are used to monitor and control machinery and processes. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems and DCS (Distributed Control Systems) are two examples.

11). IoT (Internet of Things) Network:

IoT networks link numerous intelligent gadgets and sensors to gather information and automate procedures. Depending on the application, these networks may be small-scale or extensive.

Internet of Things
Uses of Computer Network

12). Hybrid Network:

To satisfy certain organizational needs, hybrid networks integrate several network types, such as a combination of LANs, WANs, and cloud services.

These are a few of the typical network types; there are several variations and sub types based on particular requirements and technology. The selection of a network type is influenced by variables such as size, intent, needed security, and accessibility.

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What Kind of Network is Ideal or Best?

Even beyond the scope of this manual, there are several network types, related topologies, and connectivity strategies. A network expert who is learning how to construct a network could be confused about the ideal design. There isn’t one, is the short answer. The function of the system has a big impact on what kind of network to setup.

Types of Network
Types of Network in Computer

Network experts should initially ask a number of questions about the system before deciding which form of network to configure. The process of deciding the network type and connection to deploy will be aided by knowing the network’s use case, the categories of users and devices it will support, and the network’s location.


If we talk about conclusion regarding types of computer network and types of network, we can say that the size, connection, coverage, and architecture of networks vary. This tutorial examines the types of network, their advantages, and which is best for us according to our requirement. In short we can’t imagine anything in this world without any type of network.

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