5 Best Fixes for Windows 11 WiFi Not Working

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Everyone knows about the unique features of Windows 11. Before talking about 5 Best Fixes for Windows 11 WiFi Not Working issue, We want to tell you that Microsoft gives us unbeatable techniques and features time to time. Recently most searchable and popular Microsoft operating system is going on, which was windows 11. it has own many versions like Home, Prof,enterprises etc.

5 Best Fixes for Windows 11 WiFi Not Working
Wi-Fi Option @ Windows 11

Windows 11 is the best and latest update of the Microsoft operating systems. After Win 10, Windows 11 is the most important operating system in the world of Windows. This Windows 11 operating system is widely famous also popular for its appearance. That is the reasons helps to attract more users.

Apart from this those features doesn’t make a complete OS. Sometimes there are some problems and malfunction became happened with the operating system. WiFi option not showing in windows 11 is one of the major issues in the Windows 11 operating system.

Generally, For connecting to wifi option, we have to click on the shortcut icon of the Wi-Fi. Sometimes this icon is vanished from the computer system. This issue is happening due to an internet cache. This is common issue on windows 11. Now we can waiting for get a new update in Windows 11 that will eliminate the issue.

**Further in this post we are providing you to “5 Best Fixes for Windows 11 WiFi Not Working**”.

5 Best Fixes for Windows 11 WiFi Not Working

If your Windows 11 Operating system computer not showing a Wi-Fi connectivity option, It may be due to various reasons. Windows update pending, cache issue,Corrupted Wi-Fi drivers, any hardware issues, and at last even problems with the Microsoft Windows OS can be the causes for this serious problem.

Now we are proving you to 5 Best Fixes for Windows 11 WiFi Not Working, which are as follows:

1. Fixing by Restart Windows 11 and Check Settings

If you cannot find the WiFi settings, you have to restart the Microsoft windows 11 operating system by start menu. We are proving you to some steps for better clarify for the same:

  • First click on Start Menu>> Click on restart button, as per below image.
Restart Widows 11
Restart Widows 11
  • After Restart windows Click on Settings>> then Network and Internet.
Windows 11 Network & Internet Settings
Windows 11 Network & Internet
  • Now Scroll down on Network and Internet setting and select Advanced network settings.
Windows 11 Advanced network settings
Windows 11 Advanced network
  • Now Click on WiFi Option>>Then check Enable / Disable button.
WiFi Settings Windows 11
WiFi Settings
  • If Button is Disable, Then Change it to Enable, after that check connection, Now it will connected.
WiFi Connection Windows 11
WiFi Connection

After this fixing, You will be able to connect with your network from WiFi notwork.

2. Fixing by Check Install Updates

By Installing the latest update could help for fix many Wi-Fi connection issues and other system issues also, but you must be an valid internet connection to download the update. Here are we are providing some ways to get updates and fix Windows 11 WiFi not showing issue.

Updates are very important part of an computer system for run in normal way. Because some windows updates is necessary for system health and its functional devices. Most of the hardware devices needed updates for running smoothly for avoid Windows 11 WiFi driver missing.

Their are many way to updates windows and all hardware devices. Here we are providing some simple and effective steps for update it, which are as follows:

  • First of all connect your Computer/Laptop device to the internet through Wired or wireless network system.

Wired & Wireless Connections in Windows 11
Wired & Wireless Connections
  • Now Click on Settings>> Finally select Windows updates.
  • Now Click on Check for updates, If any update available then windows download it automatically.
  • When updates become download, then click on Install.
  • Once Installation get completed, system ask for restart, then restart it immediately.

After these all steps, new windows 11 updates & its hardware updates become installed. Now you can check your WiFi device become working fine and proper way. According to this effective way we can fix Windows 11 WiFi driver missing working issue.

Further we can provide you other way for fix out WiFi option not showing in windows 11.

3. Fixing by Re install WiFi Drivers

About fixing WiFi Option not showing, we have another way for ridding this type of issue. Device drivers is one of the most important part of any Hardware which was connected in our system. Further we are providing you the WiFi option is not showing in Windows 11 by reinstalling device drivers.

After following these easy and working steps we can reinstall WiFi drivers, steps are as follows:

  • First right click on My Computer>>Select Properties>>finally click on Device manager.
  • When Device Manager get opened >> Select right side Network adapters.
  • In Network adapters, you will find wired and wireless both of the adapters. Here we have to select Wireless adapter>> Right click on it>>uninstall it.
Right click on Wireless adapter and uninstall it in windows 11
Right click on Wireless adapter
  • After installation, restart the computer system, When system get restart WiFi driver automatically installed. If Driver not installed automatically, we have to install it from Driver CD.

According to this way we can fix Windows 11 WiFi not showing issue permanently.

4. Fixing by Turn on WLAN Auto Config service

Beside all of these fixes, Windows 11 provides built-in troubleshooters to fix all types of common issues related to hardware peripherals and network devices. We can also run the Internet Connection/Network troubleshooter to scan the system or network issues for common problems and Windows 11 have feature for fix them automatically.

Here we are providing you one more fixing by WLAN for resolve “Windows 11 WiFi not showing” issue.

  • By Pressing Win+R Key, Run windows will be open. Now type services.msc command and press enter.
Services of Windows 11
Services of Windows 11
  • When service windows will be open>> scroll down and search WLAN Auto Config service.
WLAN Auto Config Windows 11
WLAN Auto Config Windows 11
  • Right click on it>>Select Properties, here changes in startup type. You will get it on disabled mode. Now you have to change it to Automatic, then click Apply then finally OK.
WLAN Auto Config Apply windows 11
WLAN Auto Config Apply

After this process, for applying this settings, you may be restart the windows 11 once then check, your Windows 11 WiFi not showing issue has been resolved.

5. Fixing by Enable WiFi Adapter from Network Connections

If Windows 11 is not display the Wi-Fi option that means yours Wi-Fi adapter might be disabled. Sometimes due to system malfunction, some windows updates and malware attacks, some settings automatically changed. Don’t worry we have proper working solution for it.

We can manually by own efforts enable or disable the network adapters while it be wired or wireless from the Control Panel settings. Process for it are as follows:

  • Press Win+R key to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type control on Run dialog box and press Enter for open Control panel.
  • In Control panel setting>> click on Network and Internet>>then click on Network and Sharing Center.
  • On Network and Sharing Center, see right side pane and select Change adapter settings.
  • Here we have to select WiFi adapter, right click on it then check Enable/Disable option.

Network and Internet setting of windows 11
Network and Internet setting
  • Enable this option , wait for seconds, after that your WiFi adapter successfully enabled and you will enjoy the WiFi connectivity in windows 11 easily.

According to all these all 5 Best Fixes for Windows 11 WiFi Not Working, we would able to resolve this issue by read this post. We always trying to serve you best and working knowledge for all types of issues resolutions.

Hope!! you will get all important and possible Fixings about “5 Best Fixes for Windows 11 WiFi Not Working” and you done it very well!!

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