5 Easy Fixing For Taskbar Not Working in Windows 10

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Is your Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working? Are you facing this issue while you doing your important work? Microsoft gave us many new things including taskbar in Windows 10, but also introduced additional irritating errors.

Taskbar Not Working
Taskbar Not Working

Now looking at fixes for the most common issues that Taskbar Working is not properly in win 10. By Using these solutions which you see later in this post, you got fully functional taskbar once again

Possible Solution For Taskbar Not Working

Before move on to specific problem of taskbar not working, we knowing about that Windows 10 taskbar has a immense amount of unwanted junk that takes up valuable taskbar room. Taskbar is one of the most important feature of any version of windows. Some solution for the Taskbar Not Working error are as follow:

1. Restart the “Windows Explorer” Process

A quick and most working first step for Taskbar Not Working in Windows 10 is to restart the Windows Explorer Process, explorer.exe process. Windows Explorer Process controls the Windows shell, which includes the taskbar, File Explorer app as well as the Start menu. By Restarting explorer.exe process it can clear up any minor malfunction, such as your taskbar not working.

Further we are providing you step by step procedure for solving the Taskbar Not Working issue by Restart the Windows Explorer Process (explorer.exe) are as follow:

  • Right click on Taskbar>> Now click on Task Manager
  • We can also open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc key.
  • Now here select Process bar and select Windows explorer.
Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer
  • Now right click on Windows explorer and select restart.
  • After restart , screen flick once and explorer will run again and all running process has been killed automatically.

If this process doesn’t work, you can also try to signing out from your login account and back again login into your same user account. And beside all of this don’t forget that restarting your PC after any process or updation is always a good idea for apply any changes automatically.

2. Many Chaos on the Taskbar

Before we move on to next specific solution, we should mange that by default, the Windows 10 taskbar already has a lot of unwanted junk that consume valuable room. Gratefully, if you don’t use these valuable room icons, you could hide them to release more space.

If you see on the taskbar you will find long search bar, which is unnecessary taking space every time when we use it for searching anything or hitting the Win key anytime. To clear/hide the search bar in the Windows 10 taskbar, right-click on the search box and Choose Search > Show search icon and select Hidden option to hide it for release some space.

Chaos on the Taskbar
Clear Chaos on the Taskbar

Same, from this process we can clear all unnecessary and unwanted icons from the taskbar for avoid any hanging and delay process and Taskbar Not Working issue.

3. Check “Not Hiding” Taskbar Setting

Before going to next possible solution of the Taskbar Not Working we have to sure that if When we’ve enabled the auto-hide functionality of the taskbar. Sometimes it’s irritating if it doesn’t work properly. If our previous solution, restarting the Explorer process, doesn’t work or the issue still happens again and again, you can try our other some fixes.

This is top most common causes for the taskbar failing to hide automatically. While this frequently comes go with by a glowing app icon on the taskbar.

Taskbar Setting
Taskbar Setting
  • First right click on Taskbar setting and select Taskbar setting.
  • In this settings we have to enable toggle on button to Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode option.

4. Taskbar Icons Missing in Windows 10

If your taskbar suddenly lost its icons and also System Tray at the bottom-right side corner doesn’t show the clock and other functions, it might be cause of Taskbar Not Working. It’s really difficult to work proper manner after facing this type of error.

For fixing this serious and critical issue First, we have to open Command Prompt (Admin), Windows PowerShell (Admin), or Windows Terminal (Admin) window. By using any of these option, you can perform the taskbar fix.

In this types of issues, we should runs the System File Checker (SFC) utility to patch up Windows issues. Generally SFC command fix lot types of system file issues. it take some time to scan issues and then fixed it automatically.

Note:- System Reboot is mandatory required for apply settings by SFC.

sfc /scannow
System File Checker (SFC)
System File Checker (SFC)

After Running and fixing System File Checker (SFC), If still your issue same, we can try another utility or option. One more option for ridding the Taskbar Not Working by entering the following command to call on Disk Image Servicing and Management (DISM).

Possibly after run following command in Command Prompt (Admin) mode we find that your Taskbar returns to its normal condition after perform a mandatory reboot. Command are as follow:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

5. Check Windows 10 “Updates & Drivers”

Everyone Knows that many PC problems solved by windows updates. Taskbar Not Working issue also one of them problem. Sometime out of date windows & device drivers, can cause for all issues. So updating them is worth option when your taskbar isn’t responding.

For Windows update we have to follow this path for start Search for update and after that Download and install the Newly windows updates if any.

Type Windows update settings in windows Search box and Click on Check for updates, after Check and download the newly coming updates click on Install windows updates as pr below image:

Windows Updates
Windows Updates

Same this way we can update device drivers form device manager and avoid Taskbar Not Working issue very easily and effective manner.


Hopefully, you’ll never face this issues with your Windows 10 taskbar again. From these 5 ways, you could helped and fix this type of annoying problems, like not you are unable able to click anything on the taskbar. After following these fixes you can enjoying full advantage of taskbar feature you for navigation and more.

After apply all these possible solution for “Taskbar Not Working” we can avoid and permanently fix this issue. These all 5 ways are very effective and working fixes for the same. We should ridding this issue because this is

Hope!! You will get all important and Possible Solutions about “Taskbar Not Working” issue.

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