HTTP vs HTTPS What is the Difference?

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Now a days HTTP vs HTTPS is very important things related to security feature. May you pay attention about the URL of the website you are visiting or enter in address bar either it starts with HTTP or HTTPS. If not, you should definitely check once for security of our data and personal information.


Key Difference Between HTTP vs HTTPS

  • HTTP has insufficiency of security structure to encrypt the data and important information, other side HTTPS produce SSL or TLS Digital Certificate for securing the communication between Server and Client.

  • HTTP commonly working at the Application Layer, but HTTPS working at Transport Layer.

  • HTTP by default drive on port 80, whereas HTTPS by default drive on port 443.

  • HTTP always transfer data in plain text mode, whereas HTTPS transfers data in encrypt text (cipher text).

  • HTTP works faster as compared to HTTPS because HTTPS drink up computation power to encrypt the communication channel.

Before going further we have to know about the separate meaning of HTTP and HTTPS. For knowing and consider about the meaning for the same, we can describe it according to following additional guide :

What is HTTP?

HTTP stands for “Hyper text Transfer Protocol”. It uses the Port no. 80 for Data Communication. HTTP provides bunch of rules and standards which control, how any type of information could be circulate on the WWW (World Wide Web). HTTP also offers Standard rules for Internet web browsers & servers for proper communication.

What is HTTP

HTTP is working on application layer network protocol which is built on TCP. HTTP uses “Hypertext structured text” which create logical connection between nodes contains text.

What is HTTPS?

Full form of HTTPS is “Hyper text Transfer Protocol Secure”. It is extremely advanced and secured version of HTTP. It uses the Port no. 443 for Data Communication. It also allowed the more secure transactions by encrypting the whole communication with SSL. HTTPS is a combination of SSL/TLS protocol and HTTP. It always provides encrypted and most secured identification of a network server.

What is HTTPS

In HTTPS protocol SSL transactions are negotiated with 40 or 128 bits strength key-based encryption algorithm.

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

We can differentiate Between HTTP and HTTPS by pointing some points, which describe difference for the same are as follow:

Difference Between HTTP vs HTTPS
Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS
ProtocolIt stand for hypertext transfer protocol.It stand for hypertext transfer protocol with secure.
URL Starts withHTTP URLs start with http://HTTPS URLs start with https://
PortIt uses by default port 80It was use by default port 443
Working ProtocolIt Working at TCP/IP Protocol.HTTPS does not have any distinct protocol. It operates using HTTP with encrypted SSL/TLS connection.
SecurityIt is less secured and data can be vulnerable to hackers.It is already designed to intercept hackers from accessing critical and personal information. It is secured against such types of attacks.
Data encryptionHTTP website doesn’t use any type encryption.HTTPS websites use only data encryption.
RankingHTTP never improve search rankings.HTTPS helps to improve search ranking.
Browsing SpeedBrowsing Speed FastBrowsing Speed Slower than HTTP
Domain ValidationHTTP website do not need SSL certification.HTTPS needed SSL certificate.
SusceptibilityVulnerable to hackersIt Is highly secured and data is encrypted before it is show across a network.
UsableIt’s best for websites designed for information expending.If the website needs to collect the private information of customer, then it is a more secured protocol as compare to HTTP.

After reading all this points we can easily understand about HTTP vs HTTPS and its pros and cons also. If you noticed that in HTTPS one certification take most important role which was SSL/TLS Certificate. This certificate is take major role in HTTPS secured system.

Types of SSL/TLS Certificate

For knowing about SSL/TLS Certificate for growing more knowledge we have to know about types and using of it. Now in this HTTPS vs HTTP difference guide, we will cover the types of SSL/TLS certificates and it using with HTTPS.

SSL/TLS  Certificate
SSL/TLS Certificate

Now we can describe the type of SSL/TLS Certificate by its validation standard. Because as you know earlier in this post that SSL/TLS Certificate securing the communication between Server and Client. There are three validation process of SSL/TLS Certificate are as follow:

1. Domain Validation:

This type of validation commonly takes a few minutes and up to a few hours. Generally Domain validation validates the person who applies for a SSL/TLS certificate is an owner of that domain name.

2. Organization Validation:

This type of validation Authority not only validate the domain’s proprietorship but also check and validate owners identity. That means Validation Authority might be asked for the personal ID proof documents to prove their identity for this validation.

3. Extended Validation:

This type of validation is a topmost highly secured level of validation. Extended validation includes validation of domain’s proprietorship, owner’s personal ID proof documents as well as registration proof of business.

Conclusion :

If we going to conclusion side, we can clearly differentiate between HTTP vs HTTPS. We also get the knowledge about its security features, pros and cons of HTTP and HTTPS, Process of Domain ownership and also most important SSL certification role in HTTPS. All this guideline is far enough for understand about the Difference between HTTP and HTTPS and also some major certificate which needed must.

Hope!! you will get all important and possible information about “HTTP vs HTTPS Difference Between Them.

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