7 Latest Fixes For This Webpage is Not Available Error in Browser

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If you are getting the “This Webpage is Not Available error frequently message when you browsing the internet or open any browser? So Don’t worry about the error, you’re not alone.

This Webpage is Not Available error
This Webpage is Not Available

The “This Webpage is Not Available” error is one of the most disturbing problem, which was face by many web users. When this annoying error happens, you will not be able to access the requested website which was requested by you and many other websites. Because the error is indefinite, most of the time you may not know about why this error happening on your computer system.

Fortunately, this is very usual problem that many people faces. You feel good to know that, it’s strangely easy to fix if you know about the proper and working methods. In this post, we’ll guide and teach you about how to resolve “This Webpage is Not Available” issue in all popular browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

We’ll also try to fix all possible causes for the same and how to stop it from happening again in the future.

Causes “This Webpage is Not Available” Error

This Webpage is Not Available
This Webpage is Not Available

Behind this error occurred for a various types of reasons, a simple reason of it is, incorrectly enter a website URL, invalid & unwanted cookies in your browser, hassle of DNS server, or using a inoperative proxy server. So, we can apply some common steps about is’s troubleshooting your computer, working web browsers for reviewing the possible origin.

After reviewing, we find some reasons for Webpage is Not Available error which as follow:

  • Having some issues with Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Problem with your internet router.
  • Invalid DNS settings.
  • Invalid Proxy settings(If use any proxy server).
  • Windows Inbuilt Firewall might be block you Internet connection.
  • Issues with website URL.
  • Pending any Internet browser new updates.

Fixing Methods for This Webpage is Not Available Error

If you’ve checked out all other possibilities for this error, so the source of this particular error might be your internet browser or computer system. Here we are providing you 7 fixing methods for the “This webpage is not available” issue on various web browsers.

1. Clear Browsing Data

Google Chrome and other browser saves our browsing details like history, website cache, passwords,cookies, sessions and lot of other information which was related to browsing. Technically this type of saved information is extremely useful, when you are revisiting or search anything on the website.

If we clear all of these things, It makes the website page load faster than earlier. But sometime this history can be a outdated information. Clearing the Chrome browsing history, cache and cookies on urgent basis should be the first thing, because its really helps to you for fix This webpage is not available error.

Step by Step procedure for Clear Browsing Data for fix This webpage is not available error are as follow:

  • Open Google Chrome or other Web browser.
  • Click on right side three dots toggle button>> More tools>> Then click on Clear browsing data.

Clear browsing data- This webpage is not available error
Clear browsing data

  • We can use shortcut keys also Ctrl+Shift+Del>> Now select all check boxes and select advanced tab for more options for clearing data and finally click on Clear data.

Clear browsing data- This webpage is not available
Clear browsing data

  • It takes some times according to clearing data and now your browsing history has been cleared.

Note:- Cleaning browsing data will clean information only from your local system. Still some types of data is always available on the Google account.

2. Check Website URL is Correct

Sometimes by typing mistake it’s possible that you typed the incorrect URL while typing to reach website. Kindly make sure that your URL is faultless before proceeding. For example, instead of entering “Yahoo.com,” you have typed wrongly “Yaho.com” with one letter missing. Then you’ll get the “This webpage is not available” error if the wrong domain isn’t in use.

Still if you’re not sure of what the accurate website address is, we recommend and advised looking it up in any search engine like google or bing. For example, if you search for “itechnoinfo”, you’ll be definitely able to see our actual URL from the search engine results.

3. Flushing DNS by (ipconfig/flushdns)

Flushing DNS is one of the most working method for ridding This webpage is not availableerror. This error might be also occurred due to changes in DNS servers settings or IP address. Process of Flushing your old DNS will, regenerate the DNS information once you again visit that websites again and it can resolved “This webpage is not available” issue by using following command in few cases.

Process of flushing DNS are as follow:

  • First Open Command Prompt (cmd) as Administrator by right clicking on cmd option.

  • Then type “ipconfig/flushdns” command and press enter.

Flushing DNS- This webpage is not available
Flushing DNS

  • After typing command, Flushing process begin to start and show “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache message.

  • Now reboot the Computer system and then check it.

4. Reset Internet Protocols & Transmission Control

For Resetting Internet Protocols (TCP/IP)) & Transmission Control settings we have to follow some following commands for fix This webpage is not available critical error:

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /registerdns
  • ipconfig /renew
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /all
  • netshwinsock reset

Reset Internet Protocols & Transmission Control- This webpage is not available
Reset Internet Protocols & Transmission Control
  • After Running all these commands your Internet Protocols & Transmission Control settings will be reset.

5. Change DNS Address in TCP/IP Settings

Most of the time mostly web browser’s errors could be solved by using the custom DNS servers address. If the above solutions are not working for you which are described earlier in the post and you are getting same “This webpage is not available” error every time.

Then you can connect to internet service, then there may be some problem with your router setting and ISP DNS address. Further we are providing you how to change DNS address which are as follows:

  • Open Network and Sharing Center settings.
  • Select your LAN/WiFi Connection, right click on it and click Properties.

Change DNS Address- This webpage is not available
Change DNS Address

  • Now Open TCP/IPv4 properties.
  • Now Select “Use the following DNS server addresses“ option.
  • Here type in “Preferred DNS server“ tab.
  • Here type in “Alternative DNS server“ tab.
  • Finally Click on OK to apply the changes immediately.

Now your DNS address has been Changed in TCP/IP Settings successfully and hoping your issue also solved.

6. Run Network Troubleshooter

Microsoft windows have many built-in troubleshooters are included. These utilities are designed to help you find and fix this type of issues with your computer system. After running network troubleshooter we can discover or explore any type of system issues which causing “This webpage is not available” error.

Process of run Network troubleshooter are as follow:

  • Type Troubleshooting setting on search tab and hit enter.
  • When Troubleshooting setting opened, click on Additional troubleshooters on right down side.

Network Troubleshooter- This webpage is not available
Network Troubleshooter

  • In Additional troubleshooters click on Run the troubleshooter and Wait until troubleshooter scan your network device and identify issues and also fix it.

Additional troubleshooters- This webpage is not available
Additional troubleshooters

After troubleshooting of Network connection, If you check your website by entering in browser, your “This webpage is not available” error will be resolved.

7. Disable Proxy Server Setting

At in last method of fixing “This webpage is not available” error cause may be using a proxy server for your LAN connection. In this type of proxy setting case, we recommend turning the some feature off for test the issue was caused by the proxy server configuration.

For disabling Proxy server setting step by step procedure are as follow:

  • Firstly type Internet Options at search box of windows and then select Connections tab.
  • In Connections tab, select LAN Settings.

Disable Proxy Server - This webpage is not available
Disable Proxy Server

  • Once LAN Settings window opened, make sure that Use a proxy server for your LAN option is NOT turned on.

NOT turned on LAN - This webpage is not available
NOT turned on LAN

  • Now click OK.

Hope!! you will get all important and possible Solutions about “This webpage is not available” Error !!

Always Stay connected with itechnoinfo.com for getting more effective,working solutions & Updates.

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