7 Fixes How to Troubleshoot Printer Issues

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When your office printer doesn’t carry out its daily basis job, you have to Troubleshoot Printer Issues, it’s really feel frustrated. And if that faulty printer is a multifunction printer (MFP) that also used for scan and photo copy like scanner and copier, suddenly you will lose your high priced business time and your productivity will agonize.

Troubleshoot Printer Issues
Troubleshoot Common Printer Issues

Further in this post we will guide you about printer troubleshooting & its Printing Issues. If you are continuously facing problems with your printer device, then some troubleshooting tips below in this post might help you for resolve the issue.

Troubleshoot Printer Issues:

For ridding this type of Troubleshoot Printer Issues and running with little free time as possible, we collect a list of the following “7 common Troubleshoot Printer Issues” and how to fix them as soon as possible.

1. Check Printer Power indicator.

First, we have to make sure that the printer power is turned on or not. Generally When a printer is became on by switch on the power button, it should have some LED light (usually green), indicating us about it’s receiving power.

Rarely printer doesn’t have LED indicator, then you have to make sure that printer is connected to a working power outlet by testing and verified each end point of the power cable. If cable cut from any side, then immediately change it and finally Next, switch on the printer power button.

Printer Power Indicator- Troubleshoot Printer Issues
Printer Power Indicator

If, after all this points performing, printer does not have valid power coming after above steps and your printer still does not perform a power indicator light (LED), your printer have a critical internal hardware issue like in Power section/Motherboard faulty.

Then we suggest you to immediately contact to Printer repair technician for repair or replacement of their fault part.

Further in this post we are trying to guide you about “Troubleshoot Printer Issues”.

2. Check Printer Cables Connection.

After Verifying Power section of printer, we have to check mandatory printer cable connection because printer have two types of cable connections and we should have check that two cables connected to it: which was the Power cable and the Data cable.

Printer Cable Check- Troubleshoot Printer Issues
Printer Cable Check

We have to make sure the power and data cables ( Either Parallel cable or USB cable) are well connected to the printer and computer both the side for Troubleshoot Printer Issues.

If you check all cables connections and you found any faulty cable, then immediately change it for doing your work smoother and convenient.

3. Check Printer Error Either (Orange or Blinking) Light.

When your printer follow up this basic setup and initial startup, you’ll see a solid green colored stable light. If the indicator light indicate is orange or blinking, often this is an indication of a printer error.

In this error stage we have many type of issue but some common issue of is that a paper jam or an issue with ink or toner cartridge can strong cause of this critical printing error.

After checking all possible issues your problem still persist and if you see a blinking light again and again even you restart the printer device, then you have to visit or call the manufacturer’s website or customer care for reading and review the printer manual for specific error details and possible support.

Further in this post we are teach and guide you about “How to Troubleshoot Common Printer Issues”.

4. Check Printer Device Drivers.

Good and fine working of your printer, you have to check your Printer drivers properly installed or not. Because printer driver is one of the important thing of run printer smoothly and hassle free.

Valid and working drivers always comes with Printer device in the form of CD/DVD. We have to always do new installation and update drivers from its respective CD for avoid any malfunction or printing issue. If you have not CD, you can download it from manufacturer’s website.

Installation procedure of all printers are same. It was quite very easy procedure. You have to insert CD/DVD in drive and then CD automatically run in Auto run mode and installation begin to start, after click and verifying on some steps your printer will be installed and ready to use.

5. Check Microsoft Windows Versions.

Sometimes Windows versions like “98/XP/7/8/8.1/10/11” cause of not printing or lack of proper installation of a printer. Now a days advanced printer coming in the market its minimum requirement is also advanced. Before Purchasing new Printer Kindly check its requirement first for avoid any inconvenience.

Recently Laser jet color WiFi Printer available in the market. They provide facility to direct connect it to your android mobile phone and print anything which you want. You just follow the setup process, and then you will be able to print anything which you want.

Minimum Requirement- Troubleshoot Printer Issues
Minimum Requirement

In my suggestion we would check printer minimum requirement, before purchase it because if printer minimum requirement doesn’t meet with computer system, you won’t able to take print out and also not Troubleshoot Printer Issues.

6. Check Printer Toner and Cartridge.

If your Printer Installation completed and you will be able to take print, but print comes light or unreadable. So in this situation you have to change or refill your printer toner and cartridge. Because if your printout doesn’t comes properly or readable, so there are not use of it.

Many types of toner and cartridge available in the market. But we have to check first authorized genuine cartridge which help to increase printer head life. There are various types of cartridge according to printer available in the market like For Dot matrix printer We can use Ribbon cartridge, For Inkjet printer We can use inkjet cartridge, For Laser jet printer We can use Toner cartridge either it be Black or colored.

We can refill the Inkjet and Laser jet cartridge according to our requirement for resolve and Troubleshoot Printer Issues.

7. Check WiFi Connection For Printer.

Wireless (WiFi) connectivity is necessary for WiFi inbuilt Printer . On the other hand, you could connect your printer to any devices like android phone, Laptop, Desktop, tablet etc anywhere in your home. If your connected printer has dropped its WiFi signal, then you have to troubleshoot the connectivity.

WiFi Printer- Troubleshoot Printer Issues
WiFi Printer

If your WiFi Printer connectivity is become down, you have to unplug it and reconnect it to your modem device. Many printer brand have WiFi connectivity printer. You can simply choose according to your present requirement.

Now we easily Troubleshoot Printer Issues either it wired connection or WiFi connection. If your printer was connecting at WiFi connectivity to your printer and then suddenly stopped, don’t worry , try restarting your computer system and then reconnect it.

After all these fixing we can easily Troubleshoot Printer Issues. This is very convenient and Simple process.

Hope!! you will get all important and possible Information about “Troubleshoot Printer Issues” !!

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