Easy Steps For How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized on Windows 11

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Most of the Windows versions users have seen the “USB Device Not Recognized” error message when insert any USB device in to USB port. Every user see many times this error in their life. Most of the times, message disappears on its own efforts like, reconnecting the affected USB device.

USB Device Not Recognized
USB Device Not Recognized

Further In this article, we explain to you that ‘how to fix the USB device not recognized’ error, which help to you again access to important data as soon as possible without any hassle. Generally this problem occurred when you are doing some important work or carry our files ,data from one place to another.

In this knowledgeable post, we guide you about USB Device Not Recognized in very simple and working methods.

7 Fixes for Fix “USB Device Not Recognized”

Listed below are 7 Fixes for Fix “USB Device Not Recognized” which you can try to repair your USB device that accidentally stopped showing up on your computer system. “I recommend that you can apply below 7 fixes in the order we presentthem or you can use the above fixes according to your preferences and deliver the desired results.

USB Device Not Recognized Error
USB Device Not Recognized Error

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Note: It’s mandatory for prolong the life of USB devices, “Safely eject your USB devices ⏏️

Now we are presenting you listed 7 Fixes for Fix “USB Device Not Recognized” are as follows:

Fixing 1: Reboot Your Computer System

Reboot System- USB Device Not Recognized
Reboot System

Seriously!!, Have you tried turning it off and on them again? have you? If not, then apply the restart system process and do it right now. Most of the time There’s a chance that “USB Device Not Recognized” error will be gone automatically.

This easy & simple fix is so effective and work most of the time because restarting process of your computer system forces to all running and opened applications to close, also force to stopping misbehaving applications from running and causing of create trouble.

Important software, services, such as USB drivers, other system services automatically restart, once your computer system is successfully done booting and leaving you with a clean side.

Booyah!! If your issue resolved by applying “Restart your computer system” without any extra workout.

Fixing 2: Trying for Distinct USB Port OR Computer System

Distinct USB Port- USB Device Not Recognized
Distinct USB Port

Sometimes “Cracked broken USB cables“, adapters and old messed-up USB ports are to fabricate many issues with most of the types of USB devices not being recognized properly in all versions of Windows like 11/10/8.1/8/7. But other side the good factor is that your computer system or Laptop have more than one USB port, so we have to change the USB device with other working USB Port.

If the on going issue still same, then we adopt next step is to “Connect the USB device to a different Computer system” to troubleshoot a more serious hardware issues. When we troubleshooting an external USB hard drive, make sure to change the USB cable which use to connect the USB device to your computer system from a new cable.

Fixing 3: Uninstall the USB Device Drivers

Uninstall USB Device- USB Device Not Recognized
Uninstall USB Device

One more cause for the same is USB driver become corrupted, Due to this “USB Device Not Recognized” error occurred. The simple and easy solution of this problem is to uninstall that corrupted device drivers.

One simple option for reinstall it that, we can restart the computer, and all versions of Windows will automatically find and install the correct device driver again. For this process we have to follow some steps:

  1. Right click on My Computer>>Manage>>Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager>>Expand Disk drives option.

3. Now Right-click on your USB disk device>>Then Uninstall it.

4. Finally Restart your computer>> Now Reconnect the USB Device and check it.

Fixing 4: Disable USB Selective Suspend Setting

USB Selective Suspend Setting- USB Device Not Recognized
USB Selective Suspend Setting

Windows has one unique option, operating system is automatically powering down for cure battery power & extend lifespan of USB devices when they has not been in use. Some times, this setting might reason with devices not showing when the USB device showing malfunctioned in all version of Windows 11/10/8/7.

For prevent from “USB Device Not Recognized“, We can disabling this feature in very easy manner. Procedure for the same are as follow:

  1. First of all open Power settings from search menu>> Power & sleep > Additional power settings. If you are using older version of Windows, then click on Start menu>> type power sleep>> click Change when the computer sleeps.

2. Now Click on Change plan settings>>select Change advanced power settings.

3. Expand the USB Settings option.

4. Expand the USB selective suspend settings.

5. Here you will see Enable/Disable option>> then select disabled.

Hope!! Now you will fix “USB Device Not Recognized”, If not don’t worry try next fixing option.

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Fixing 5: Install Latest Motherboard Chipset Drivers

Motherboard Chipset drivers- USB Device Not Recognized
Motherboard Chipset

Motherboard drivers is very important for all hardware devices, your motherboard requires proper drivers to work easily and correctly. If you are facing some malfunction related to drivers and haven’t done it, then you should check that you’re using the latest chipset drivers or not.

We should always download available latest drivers from official website of the manufacturer of your motherboard. If newer working chipset driver is available on official website, then download it to your computer system and update it.

We strictly recommend you to avoid various available third-party drivers because most of the times it is most dangerous. So arrange latest chipset drivers form anywhere like offline/online and update it as soon as possible and resolved the “USB Device Not Recognized” error by this fixing.

Fixing 6: Install the Latest Windows Updates

Install updates in windows is very crucial step of avoid many types of errors like “USB Device Not Recognized“. Because windows update mostly correct many types of issues automatically. Now we are providing you step by step procedure for Windows updation:

  • Click on Start menu>> type Windows Update>> select Windows Update option.
  • Click on Check for updates, if available select it and process will be start.
  • Wait for update download and it’s installation.
  • After all process, updates will be done and your “USB Device Not Recognized” error also resolved.

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Fixing 7: Re-installation of USB Controllers

“USB controllers” controls the communication between all types of USB devices and your computer system which was completely controlled by the so-called USB controllers. Re-installation of USB controllers could fix unknown USB device errors, “USB Device Not Recognized” by replacing an nonworking or corrupted USB controller with working USB controller.

Step by step procedure of “USB Device Not Recognized” error by re install USB controllers are as follows:

  • Right click on My computer>> select Manage>> Now click Device Manager.
  • Now expand the Universal Serial Bus (USB) controllers option.
  • Click on USB controller>> select your USB device which was connected, but not working>>select the Uninstall device/update drivers option.
  • Finally restart your computer system>> then re plug your USB device.

Hope!! you will get all important and possible Information about “USB Device Not Recognized” !!

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