5 Ways to Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error

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It’s requisite to make ensure that which websites you browse are secure. One way for seeing the “Your Connection is Not Private” by Red lock warning icon in searching tab. There are more ways that you can check this critical error.

Your Connection is Not Private error
Your Connection is Not Private

You should not to ignore “Your Connection is Not Private” error If you ignore this error messages, you are lay down your online information and also data at risk. In general form You are likely come across a privacy warning when this error coming at your computer system.

Meaning of “Your Connection is Not Private” Error?

Luckily, this error is actually a common type of error which can solve as well as fend off from happening again in the future by following some few simple tips. But before all these we have to Know about what is the meaning of “Your Connection is Not Private” error ?

Your Connection is Not Private
Your Connection is Not Private

The “Your Connection is Not Private” error message is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a direct message from your browser to you about information that your connection is not secure. That means, if you aren’t using an any antivirus, firewall program or encryption utility, your device will be a directly targeted for hackers.

When you visit any website, you might notice that there’s frequently small red lock symbol in the URL bar Or, you may see HTTPS at the beginning of the URL in the URL box. Both options of these things meaning that your website is secured.

When you access a website, then immediately your browser sends a request to the host server of that particular website. Then host server sends the verified website’s certifications to prove the website is absolutely safe and secure to access. On the other end, if the certificate isn’t validated by your browser for any type of reason, you’ll be addresses with the unfavorable “Your Connection is Not Private” error message.

This probably means there’s an issue with the website’s SSL certificate. This certificate is most important for any website security and accessible feature. Before going further we have to know What is SSL certificate.

What is SSL certificate?

In SSL certificate SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer“, and this is a one type of encryption that protect and create a shield of user data from hackers. An SSL certificate is generally important for websites which doing selling business like goods and services, basically this certification helps protect users for payment information.

SSL certificate
SSL Certificate

If the SSL certificate of an website is expired or working only for website’s domain but not work in its subdomains, then “Your Connection is Not Private” error will appear surely. So we have to always remain this things in our mind when we purchase a domain services.

5 Ways to Fix “Your Connection is Not Private” Error

For Fixing “Your Connection is Not Private” error , We are providing 5 effective and working ways for fixing this critical error. 5 ways for fixing the same error are as follow:-

Fix 1. Reload the Website page.

Reload the web page fro fixing Your Connection is Not Private error is very easy and working solution. sometimes common glitches like browser timeouts, internet connections suddenly breakdown, can cause of this error.

For Fixing this error by Reload the website page, we can easily fix it without any follow long procedures and tricks.

Fix 2. Check and Correct Date and Time.

Some times wrong date and valid time is cause of Your Connection is Not Private error, because at the time of accessing any website web server check and start verification from your local system internet browser. Then browser check the date and time of local system for complete verification system.

Check Date and Time- Your Connection is Not Private
Check Date and Time

If we found wrong Date and time then it can be a strong cause of Your Connection is Not Private error. For sort out this error we have to follow some easy steps for changing it in a seconds. Below Procedure are same for all versions of Microsoft Windows, which are as follow:

  • First of all Right-click the date and time icon on the taskbar.
  • Here Click on Adjust date/time option.
  • Enter Valid Date and Time and click on Ok button.
  • After Verify the date and time are correct, Finally click on OK

Hope after doing this way “Your Connection is Not Private” error would be resolved permanently.

Fix 3. Check Your WiFi Connection Setting.

Some times wrong WiFi connection setting strong cause of “Your Connection is Not Private” error. So we have to check it on immediate basis for ridding this error as soon as possible.

Check Your WiFi Connection Setting- Your Connection is Not Private
Check WiFi Connection Setting

Most of the time free WiFi connections at your local cafe or any other place can be practical, but public WiFi connection is one of the top cause of getting “Your Connection is Not Private” error. Because Public WiFi connection typically runs on HTTP, and you’ll definitely receive the error as a red alert warning that your connection is not encrypted and not secure.

So please make sure before connect any public WiFi networks that it has secured or not. Generally this public WiFi network have a portal page where you have to sign in and accept all the terms and conditions before you can access HTTPS (secured) websites.

Fix 4. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies.

While your browsing online and you search multiple websites, then your computer stores automatically cookies and cache files and you will get “Your Connection is Not Private” error , that congregate data and holds tons of space on your hard disk drive.

When Cookies and unwanted internet cache files stores in the system, then suddenly your browsing and also computer speed slow down. Process for clear browser cache and cookies are as follow:

  • Go to Browser settings and click on History option.
  • Now click on Clear browsing data.
Clear browsing data
Clear browsing data
  • Now Select which data you want to clear , select it and finally click on OK.

Fix 5. Try From Incognito Mode.

The next and last way for fixing “Your Connection is Not Private” error that you could try is to enter Incognito mode and try to access the same website which shows error. If that Website is truly having security issues, then it should never work If you switch to incognito because this mode browse without saving your history or cache of website.

After doing this, If the site still says “Your Connection is Not Private” then you should try from clearing your cache and cookies.

For opening your Chrome browser in an incognito mode, you have to click on three vertical dots on the top right of your screen and select third option which was “New Incognito window”. You can open it by shortcut keys like Ctrl+Shift+N which was shown on below image.

Incognito Mode @Chrome browser- Your Connection is Not Private
Incognito Mode @Chrome browser

Note:- Incognito Mode work only on Google Chrome Browser. If you don’t have Chrome, so you can’t try this way for avoid “Your Connection is Not Private” error.

Hope!! you will get all important and possible Solutions about “Your Connection is Not Private” Error !!

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