7 New Ways to Fix 0x80070002 Windows Update Error

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Microsoft always releases Windows updates to fix issues. But while downloading these New updates, you get “0x80070002 Windows Update Error”, might very disappointing task for every windows users across the globe. This is One of the critical Windows update errors appears with the error code 0x80070002.

0x80070002 Windows Update Error
0x80070002 Windows Update Error

Generally every Microsoft Windows operating systems are already configured as standard for searching the newest windows updates once they’re connected to the valid internet connection. After all of this, without regular Windows updates, you not only missed the latest features of Windows and other Microsoft applications like Office, gadgets or Outlook, but also important for fixing bugs and security improvements.

Causes of 0x80070002 Windows Update Error

The error message “0x80070002 Windows Update Error” is one of the most knowing error codes which encountered when updating Windows. This 0x80070002 Windows Update Error not only occurs in current versions of Windows, like Windows 10,11, but also occurred in older versions like Win 7,Vista or XP.

0x80070002 Windows Update Error
0x80070002 Windows Update Error

Note:- In most of cases, the code “0x80070003” is also shown which mention to the same problem. It’s, depending on the Windows version, there are some substitute codes “80070002” or “80070003”.

Solutions For 0x80070002 Windows Update Error

If you get the “0x80070002 Windows Update Error” while installing a Windows update, this could be due to various types of reasons. Some possible solutions For 0x80070002 Windows Update Error are as follow:

1. Check Computer Date and Time

When you’ve connected to the internet, the operating system will usually examine the right information about the date and time, setting of time zone automatically. If this automatic synchronization process doesn’t work by any reason, or you have to configure it manually, this can be cause of issues like “0x80070002 Windows Update Error”.

Check Computer Date and Time- 0x80070002
Check Computer Date and Time

But if we can do it carefully then we can ridding this issue by changing the date , time and its settings. Procedure of Change date and time are as follow:

  • First open Date and time settings as per below image.
Date and Time Setting - 0x80070002 Windows Update Error
Date and Time Setting
  • We can change date , time and time zone setting from here.
  • After Changing all things from here click on apply and OK.
  • Now you can again check for updates.

2. Rename Software Distribution Folder

By using this fixing we can fix the “0x80070002 Windows Update Error” very easily and effectively. When windows download updates from internet , then updates needs some location which can store update in local folder. Software Distribution Folder is a local folder which are present in root folder and store downloaded updates.

Location of Software Distribution Folder is C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution where updates download. Sometimes Software Distribution Folder making malfunction and don’t download any update and shows 0x80070002 Windows Update Error while update download. For resolving this issue we have some steps which are as follow:

  • When we follow C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution Path we can get enter in this folder.
  • After entering this folder we have delete to it’s sub folder.
  • When we delete it’s sub folder, then re-check for windows update.

Note:- During deletion sub folder from Software Distribution Folder, Windows update service should be disabled. After Deletion, It should be enabled, before re check for windows update.

  • Same procedure we should follow on during Rename the Software Distribution Folder by following this command:
 Ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old 
  • This is very working and checked fixing for “0x80070002 Windows Update Error”.

3. Restart Windows Update Service

Microsoft Windows OS contain a huge range of services and processes, which are either permanently active or are temporary executed according the needed by system. Windows Update and Windows Update Agent service is most important services for any type of upgrade and updation also fully responsible for identify, downloading and installing updates for Microsoft Windows and other installed Microsoft built applications.

If this system isn’t work properly, it won’t be possible to update the system. and facing “0x80070002 Windows Update Error”.

0x80070002 Windows Update Error
0x80070002 Update Error

Like all type of other Windows services, you could easily find the Windows Update Service in the Microsoft Management Console. Procedure for Restart Windows Update Service are as follow:

  • Firstly we have to open Microsoft Management Console by type services.msc command in Run.
  • We can also access it by following Control Panel (“Administration” -> “Services”) path.

Restart Windows Update Service
Restart Windows Update Service

  • We can do Start, Restart, Stop and Disabled all steps, according to our need or requirement. Here when we restart the windows update service, then probably we can rid 0x80070002 Windows Update Error.

4. Check Free Space at Hard Disk Partition

If your computer system doesn’t have enough space for download the update, then you definitely face “0x80070002 Windows Update Error”. Apart from this MS Windows always keeps a some amount of space reserved for windows updates, you can run out of it if you have a little available space.

Check Free Space - 0x80070002 Windows Update Error
Check Free Space

For check available space in my partitions , we can check by Right click on the partition and select Properties options. If there are very little available storage in HDD partition, then consider clearing all the unnecessary files and unusable content from the disk.

Alternatively, if your space issue in hard disk is not resolve then you can shift or move your important data in external drive, which will be free up space in internal drive and then you can try for downloading the update.

5. Repair System Files From SFC Scan

Sometimes Missing or corrupted system files could create a cause of the “0x80070002 Windows Update Error”. But since the error message coming and there are no information provided, that time where you should watch and check for that event, you have to use SFC tool (System File Checker).

sfc /scannow

This command checks and repairs all system files in by Command prompt(cmd). If any type of issue occurred in this process, the SFC will inform you about the affected file(s) which was not repairable.

Note:- This command Run from Command prompt(cmd) with as Administrator rights, in short as you have to run the command prompt as an administrator for running sfc /scannow command.

6. Disable Firewall or Any Antivirus

If we are using Microsoft Defender and it’s Firewall, generally it is a great utility to keep the system free from malicious and unwanted files and cyber attacks. But sometimes, the Firewall can become over shielding and affect the windows update process again and again.

So, when we downloading the windows update, we have to disable the Firewall and its Virus protection for fixing the issue. Here we are providing some easy steps for how to do it:

1. Firstly Open the Start Menu, type Windows Security and then Enter.

2. Select Virus and threat protection setting and click on Manage settings.

Disable Virus  Protection
Disable Protection

3. Now toggle the button to Off and then your Virus protection getting OFF.

Virus and threat protection setting
Virus and threat protection

4. Same for Microsoft Defender Firewall, then choose Firewall & network protection and click on Private network.

5. Finally Disable the toggle button in Microsoft Defender Firewall.

7. Remove Unnecessary Files and Reboot System

Most of the times Unnecessary & unwanted junk,spam Files create problem for Windows update and you may be face “0x80070002 Windows Update Error” and that result is conflation between different peripheral devices attached to the computer system. If we talk about a solution, we have to remove all the extra externally attach devices like microphone, webcam, scanner, printer etc.

We can Remove Unnecessary Files from Disk clean up and prefetch folder which contains temp internet files. After remove that files, we have to reboot the system and then try to download the Windows update again. This trick works most of the time for ridding 0x80070002 Windows Update Error.

Hope!! You will get all important Possible Solution about “0x80070002 Windows Update Error”.

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